Nichole Marcela Rojas Chaverra

学歴と職歴 A summary of your academic and/or work history.

I am a medical doctor (general practitioner) from Colombia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada), I got my master’s degree in Medical Sciences at Kanazawa University. I worked as MD in my country for 3 years and I have been working at Matsumoto Sensei’s lab from 2020/07. 

発表論文 Your publications

As co-author

- Murayama T, Takeuchi Y, Yamawaki K, Natsume T, Li M,  

Rojas‐Chaverra NM, Nishimura T, Kogure Y, Nakata A, Tominaga K, Sasahara A, Yano M, Ishikawa S, Ohta T, Ikeda K, Horie‐Inoue K, Inoue S, Seki M, Suzuki Y, Sugano s, Enomoto T,  Tanabe M, Tada K, Kanemaki M, Okamoto K, Tojo A, Gotoh N.


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